Which language to learn?

Last night I went to a consultation evening at my university. Let me explain more. I do business management, and in my third year, which I am in, I have to instead of a dissertation, do a ‘business consultancy project’. This involves basically putting it shortly, that I am being a consult for a small company, but doing it for free.

So, last night was a compulsory event for my course to get advice from actual consultants, on how they approach things. Not all the stuff that they pointed out was relevant for my project, as it was just an event for being interested in the profession. Me personally I am not, well not yet, I think they did suggest, I want to find my passionate area within business first – get experience and niche knowledge in that area and then possibly go into this area, rather than what everyone else does is start their own business, because that just isn’t me.

Actually! I will admit something very embarrassing. Until last night I actually didn’t fully know what a consult was… When I think of a consultant, I think of a GP. But I was kind of right, you do get medical consultants.

Anyway, the point of this post! One of them said something that I know I’ve needed to do I just haven’t done it.

Learn a new language.

I know its important, especially within businesses if you want to well because you need to be able to communicate with everyone.

But I am just stubborn and lazy, I always have been in this area. I know you have to take time and put effort into doing this and I don’t want to because a lot of people do have a basic level of English. I know I am terrible! But I really do want to learn another language.

But my question is which one? which is going to give me most out of it, if that makes sense?

Anyone have the answer?

Which language should I learn?


This is disgusting 😒 Hate this time of year:

When I woke up this morning at 7am it was dark outside. DARK!

We had reached that time of year… the dark season.

People rant and rave how this is their “favourite time of year!” Yayayayayay. No. How? How is this your favourite time of year?

Dark when you wake up, it’s dark by 3! 3 is when I normally start doing things in the day and now it’s going to be dark at that time! I must be the least productive time of the year, because when it’s dark you are meant to sleep!

Well then it’s also cold, all the time and it just gets colder and colder and colder!

There is nothing worse then, “oh I love it when it’s cold!” Excuse me what? Who enjoys being cold? Hands going white, your hair is even cold, can’t feel your feet, no layers can possible help!

All you can do this time of year is eat and I’m already fat! 😂

I hate this time of year! I agree with the animals that we should hibernate til it’s spring!!

Bring me the warm, light nights, sun on my skin! I’m ready for next summer now!

To start a new!

I am so terrible.

it happens every time! I go back to uni and it all goes to shit! Well I am going to drag it all back!!! Well try 😇

I am going to be more frequent on here and you know what else. I bloody well am going to lose some bloody belly!!!!!!

It has gotten beyond a joke now, I no longer fit in my jeans…

shit needs to be done! Now!

My lovely boyf is making a me curry tonight and tomorrow we are going to the gym! And I’m going to tell my mum I’m going this diet to all she’ll keep buying me shitty foods that just keep making me fatter and fatter and fatter.

But the thing that is the worse for me is my exercise. I don’t feel like I am eating that much, what I am eating is awful, but I am only having like a meal a day.

Like today. I’ve had half a tea cake, two chocolate tea cakes and a packet of crisps. Oh and a graze bar. And a small bottle of coke. That is it, and I’ll my curry.

That isn’t a lot. But then I’m just sitting down, walking about 20 minutes, but that’s it.

But it’s bloody well going to change! I am going to the gym, I am doing exercises in the morning and night my boyfriend can just do them with me, and I am going to try and cut out some crap.

I need to decide one think to cut out?????





???? Bread? Yes bread! No more bread!

Last year 😢

My first week of my last year at university is over 🙈 oh my, it is actually terrifying!! Because I know how quick a semester goes, first their settling you in then, bam! Your coursework is due in! AAAAHHH

i’m so sad that it’s ending I love university of much. I love my course, my lecturers, my friends, I love the learning and everything! I don’t want to leave! I know it sounds extremely sad because it is but I still don’t want to leave 😢😢

And mainly I don’t want to be a grown up yet! I’ve done working full time thing, having responsibilities shit, it’s awful! Then there’s also having to decide what to do with my actually life I can’t just keep saying I don’t know anymore.. oh god this is scary!

Maybe I can do a masters…


Why is this normal?

Er I’ve been working 9-5 everyday. I had today off and it’s been amazing and all I have really done is eat and sleep!

like seriously what kind of life is it working 9-5 I really do not want it!

I really don’t mind the job at all. I’ve been doing it all summer and I’ve got quite into it but it’s to much customer service for my liking so it’s nothing I could consider as a career doing admissions. Also a lot of the team have gone on holiday so there’s a lot more work for me so I don’t tend to be bored like I have been doing.

Its just the hours. How do people with a 9-5, full time, permanent job have a live? Like seriously?! I get up at 7 travel to work spend 8 hours there, get home, eat and that’s I’m ready for bed! And then you just have to do it all over again?! That is not a life just waiting for the weekend to what, sleep?

When do you exercise, see friends, drink and still get enough sleep?! This should not be a normal thing!

I honestly think I could absolutely adore my job and not what to do this 9-5 shit every week. There has got to be a better way!


Isn’t this petty…

So my mother has currently fallen out with me and won’t speak to me. Do you want to know why? Because I couldn’t go get her nails done with her because I had already invited the boyf round. Yep… thats it.

Yesterday I told her that James was downstairs. She said oh well I was going to say I’m getting my nails done, I said oh sorry, we can go tomorrow if you want, she said no, I need to go today, I said ok.

Then I was sat downstairs with the boyf. She comes in, doesn’t even look at us. James says hello, she ignores him, I said are you going shopping going shopping as well? she ignores me then just leaves. She comes back in the same mood.

Whenever she is like this I just stay in my room til she grows up a bit, because believe or not this happens more than you would think. My mother, a 60 year old woman, goes a strop all the time but this time is just ridiculous.

I’d spend the entire night before with her, she could of mentioned that she wanted to get her nails done, I went to tell her something in the morning, she could of told me then. No she only mentions something when I have already made other plans. She only tells me 5 minutes before she wants to go. If she had told me before 30 seconds before she wants to go I would of told James not to come.

I am a young woman, maybe just maybe I might have made other plans. I don’t have a huge social life, but if I do try and make plans for the weekend and now I’m being ‘punished’ for it.

I think its crazy. She definitely needs to grow up and maybe act like, I don’t know the mother in this relationship.

Normally I do just sit here and wait for her to stop sulking but yesterday I did so much for her and my dad. I booked two lots of cinema tickets, I checked them into their flights and printed there boarding passes off, I sent some emails for them, filled my dads iPod. I did all this and I’m in my room writing this because apparently I’m still a horrible person…

Oh I still haven ‘t said the best bit. Me and my mother are supposed to be going to the cinema today to go see the new mission impossible. It starts at 3.45, its 12.40 and still she hasn’t spoke to me so this is going to be fun.

I don’t even care I’m just going to sit in here til she comes in and says something because I am not apologising I haven’t done anything wrong!

Does anyone think I have done anything wrong, because if you do please tell me what it is because I would love to know what I am supposed to be feeling guilty over…. because to me its just very very VERY petty!

I’m back!!!!

I have just returned from my short break to Barcelona with the Boyf, hence why I have been absent and not filling up the reader with my problems.

I have had an absolutely fantastic time! Had lots of tapas, lots of beer, done so much walking and sight seeing and even more eating! The poor boyf he did’t come bcak to mine becuase he said he needed a days rest, he’s come back from our mini break knacked! oh well I enjoyed it, and I believe that when you go somewhere, especially an incredible city like Barcelona, then you have to get up, see and try everything you possible can. I was actually pissed because I wanted to go up the mountain to the temple but he looked abit tired the next day so I let it go, but next time I will.

I did see lots of Incrediabke things though.

However, while I did have a fantastic time and obviously I love my boyfs company. I am not going to lie he was driving me insane and we was only there 3 full days!!

He doesn’t listen to me, he’ll nod and say yeah, yeah, then 10 minutes latear ask me why were doing something, or why we getting this train, or what are we doing again. ERRRR i did just literally tell you, I said is that ok and you just looked at me nodding, as always. But then I say, I did just tell you, and then. her gets all mardy and arsey, and there is nothing I hate more on this earth than a mardy arsey boy! ERRRRRR. It just happended so much.

Another thing. I organsied the whole trip. I found it, I booked it, I fixed the airport situation, I found what we could do there, sorted more, transport, times, food, absolutely everthing to the last detail, did I get a thank you? no. Then if anything went wrong like we got on the wrong train, but I realised immedately and got off to find when we next one was, then he asked and found out, what happens, OMG i’m so amazing, oh did you just see that, I am so helpful, oh you were so stressed, oh what would you do without me. Yeah mate fuck off, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me yeah?

Er, boys. I do love my boyfriend, I really really really do. I do know I am extremely lucky because he is lovely and would do anything for and is nice and good to me. But sometimes I do feel he forgets that he is also lucky. I do a lot for him and a thank you wouldn’t go a miss.

Boys, like really sometimes, is it worth it?