Isn’t this petty…

So my mother has currently fallen out with me and won’t speak to me. Do you want to know why? Because I couldn’t go get her nails done with her because I had already invited the boyf round. Yep… thats it.

Yesterday I told her that James was downstairs. She said oh well I was going to say I’m getting my nails done, I said oh sorry, we can go tomorrow if you want, she said no, I need to go today, I said ok.

Then I was sat downstairs with the boyf. She comes in, doesn’t even look at us. James says hello, she ignores him, I said are you going shopping going shopping as well? she ignores me then just leaves. She comes back in the same mood.

Whenever she is like this I just stay in my room til she grows up a bit, because believe or not this happens more than you would think. My mother, a 60 year old woman, goes a strop all the time but this time is just ridiculous.

I’d spend the entire night before with her, she could of mentioned that she wanted to get her nails done, I went to tell her something in the morning, she could of told me then. No she only mentions something when I have already made other plans. She only tells me 5 minutes before she wants to go. If she had told me before 30 seconds before she wants to go I would of told James not to come.

I am a young woman, maybe just maybe I might have made other plans. I don’t have a huge social life, but if I do try and make plans for the weekend and now I’m being ‘punished’ for it.

I think its crazy. She definitely needs to grow up and maybe act like, I don’t know the mother in this relationship.

Normally I do just sit here and wait for her to stop sulking but yesterday I did so much for her and my dad. I booked two lots of cinema tickets, I checked them into their flights and printed there boarding passes off, I sent some emails for them, filled my dads iPod. I did all this and I’m in my room writing this because apparently I’m still a horrible person…

Oh I still haven ‘t said the best bit. Me and my mother are supposed to be going to the cinema today to go see the new mission impossible. It starts at 3.45, its 12.40 and still she hasn’t spoke to me so this is going to be fun.

I don’t even care I’m just going to sit in here til she comes in and says something because I am not apologising I haven’t done anything wrong!

Does anyone think I have done anything wrong, because if you do please tell me what it is because I would love to know what I am supposed to be feeling guilty over…. because to me its just very very VERY petty!


I’m back!!!!

I have just returned from my short break to Barcelona with the Boyf, hence why I have been absent and not filling up the reader with my problems.

I have had an absolutely fantastic time! Had lots of tapas, lots of beer, done so much walking and sight seeing and even more eating! The poor boyf he did’t come bcak to mine becuase he said he needed a days rest, he’s come back from our mini break knacked! oh well I enjoyed it, and I believe that when you go somewhere, especially an incredible city like Barcelona, then you have to get up, see and try everything you possible can. I was actually pissed because I wanted to go up the mountain to the temple but he looked abit tired the next day so I let it go, but next time I will.

I did see lots of Incrediabke things though.

However, while I did have a fantastic time and obviously I love my boyfs company. I am not going to lie he was driving me insane and we was only there 3 full days!!

He doesn’t listen to me, he’ll nod and say yeah, yeah, then 10 minutes latear ask me why were doing something, or why we getting this train, or what are we doing again. ERRRR i did just literally tell you, I said is that ok and you just looked at me nodding, as always. But then I say, I did just tell you, and then. her gets all mardy and arsey, and there is nothing I hate more on this earth than a mardy arsey boy! ERRRRRR. It just happended so much.

Another thing. I organsied the whole trip. I found it, I booked it, I fixed the airport situation, I found what we could do there, sorted more, transport, times, food, absolutely everthing to the last detail, did I get a thank you? no. Then if anything went wrong like we got on the wrong train, but I realised immedately and got off to find when we next one was, then he asked and found out, what happens, OMG i’m so amazing, oh did you just see that, I am so helpful, oh you were so stressed, oh what would you do without me. Yeah mate fuck off, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me yeah?

Er, boys. I do love my boyfriend, I really really really do. I do know I am extremely lucky because he is lovely and would do anything for and is nice and good to me. But sometimes I do feel he forgets that he is also lucky. I do a lot for him and a thank you wouldn’t go a miss.

Boys, like really sometimes, is it worth it?

Organised only for holiday!

For once I’ve actually got organised as I go away for the week on Tuesday!

Move packed my bag and done my liquids and sorted my make up just need to do my handbag tomorrow night.

I felt like I had to get organised this time as I am working 9-5 tomorrow then we leave at 9 Tuesday so have no time then.

So today I just randomly saw my bag and thought you know what instead of doing it quickly Monday night I could do it now!

I have also took my smaller bag because I thought, Rachel you do not need that much! So I had an outfit a day, underwear a day and one spare, one pair of sandals and that’s it. Liquids: shampoo, conditioner, suncteam, mascara and lip balm. I don’t need anything else I barely wear make up anyway never mind on holiday so it’s fine.

Anyway. What I have learnt today!

Sorting your bag out earlier great idea!

Pack light and liquids light also!

And don’t do what I did and not get your euros yet! Oops!


Book review – behind close doors

**** 4 stars! – Very Good!

It was so good to have a good book back in my hands, finally! I read this in less than 24 hours – that is how good it was.

It is a fantastic book til about half way through the book I was thinking omg what the hell is going on, then BAM, you get the absolute whole plot in one chapter and it just gets better and better.

You literally just cannot put it down, first you want to know why this marriage is the way it is? then it wow, then well how is it going to end.

I also really enjoyed how it was written, Many many books now have chapters written in different people perspective, which don’t get me wrong I do love, but this book does it by past and present which I really really enjoyed!

My only issue for why it isn’t 5 stars is because I know that it is a book so it isn’t really but the fact a woman would allow this to even happen just wouldn’t happen because the woman in the book is a strong woman.

And I found the ending slightly disappointing, only slightly, like it isn’t awful ending or anything like that just slightly. I think it could of ended better, it was kind of expected and because how good the rest of book was I expected more? but the final sentence is incredible.

Do read!



Just had three lovely days off, which is the longest amount of time I have had off in i don’t know how long. And now I am back here at this un-godly hour. 6 o’clock I have to wake up to get here for half 7, half bloody 7.

I feel like I need a summer break to get over my summer break.. how crazy is that. But I am literally on a count down now because this time next week I shall be the way to the airport, to be on my way to Barcelona!!!!! (i wish you could put gifs on here)

I am so unbelievable in love with Barcelona. I have only been once but just being there is amazing. Just the whole sense of being there is just amazing, when I was there I almost felt like a second home, which I know is weird but I just loved it so much.

I am not even like a city junkie. I’m a village girl, London freaks me out because just can’t get around. But I feel you don’t get that in Barcelona, I don’t know why but I didn’t feel like just a person in a massive crowd like I do when I’m in London.

I’m also will have four full days off in a row! AAAAHHHHHH!!! actually I will have 5 I think, maybe six if I’m back at the cafe that weekend. 6 whole days off!!!

That would be amazing.


Love island disgusting bosses! Women please read!

I would first like to point out that I have never had an issue with love island contestants. I love the show and most the people on it.

But today on the sun Snapchat I saw that the itv/love island boss (can’t remember which) said that he does in fact only allow contestants with a certain ‘look’

he said that it is ‘aspirational’ for people who watch it. It is for “the people who are going to maga and what they could look like”.

I know I am not society’s version of perfect, but does that me not attractive? If you are above a size 6 do you not deserve attention? Do you not deserve love? Do you not belong in a bikini? Do you not belong on the television?

Can you only be beautiful if you pay for it? Because sorry I enjoy love island but they all pay to look that. Are you not worthy if you don’t get your tummy tucked? Unless you boobs are full of plastic? Unless your face is full of filler? If my bum is pushed up should I just stay in and be ashamed… Should we all get a credit card and get into debt just to be society’s / itvs version of a perfect human?

Women come in all shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful! And natural beauty should be celebrated not shamed. Plastic should be frowned upon, I know it’s ‘your decision’ but it’s wrong, what was wrong you before? Why do you need it? So you can be a love island contested! SHAME!

And to final my rant of the day. I am not fake head to toe, I don’t have a 20 inch waist, my hair is my own, my stomach isn’t flat, but I have found love. All you perfect singles are alone, think why? Maybe you aren’t perfect maybe I am because I found love without losing my dignity 😇.

Cuddles Thursday!

After a stressful day yesterday trying to sort my holiday out, I have by the way just not with them I sorted it by myself because I am a strong independent woman! Anyway yes I had a stressful day yesterday it was nice today to be chilled.

i had Des today who hasn’t turned into an absolute little angel! Turning one just changed him. All he wanted today was to be walked and cuddled!


We just lay on the sofa and had a nap together what a baby!

Love this little bug pup! ❤️❤️❤️