Which language to learn?

Last night I went to a consultation evening at my university. Let me explain more. I do business management, and in my third year, which I am in, I have to instead of a dissertation, do a ‘business consultancy project’. This involves basically putting it shortly, that I am being a consult for a small company, but doing it for free.

So, last night was a compulsory event for my course to get advice from actual consultants, on how they approach things. Not all the stuff that they pointed out was relevant for my project, as it was just an event for being interested in the profession. Me personally I am not, well not yet, I think they did suggest, I want to find my passionate area within business first – get experience and niche knowledge in that area and then possibly go into this area, rather than what everyone else does is start their own business, because that just isn’t me.

Actually! I will admit something very embarrassing. Until last night I actually didn’t fully know what a consult was… When I think of a consultant, I think of a GP. But I was kind of right, you do get medical consultants.

Anyway, the point of this post! One of them said something that I know I’ve needed to do I just haven’t done it.

Learn a new language.

I know its important, especially within businesses if you want to well because you need to be able to communicate with everyone.

But I am just stubborn and lazy, I always have been in this area. I know you have to take time and put effort into doing this and I don’t want to because a lot of people do have a basic level of English. I know I am terrible! But I really do want to learn another language.

But my question is which one? which is going to give me most out of it, if that makes sense?

Anyone have the answer?

Which language should I learn?


Last year 😢

My first week of my last year at university is over 🙈 oh my, it is actually terrifying!! Because I know how quick a semester goes, first their settling you in then, bam! Your coursework is due in! AAAAHHH

i’m so sad that it’s ending I love university of much. I love my course, my lecturers, my friends, I love the learning and everything! I don’t want to leave! I know it sounds extremely sad because it is but I still don’t want to leave 😢😢

And mainly I don’t want to be a grown up yet! I’ve done working full time thing, having responsibilities shit, it’s awful! Then there’s also having to decide what to do with my actually life I can’t just keep saying I don’t know anymore.. oh god this is scary!

Maybe I can do a masters…


Like a baby

I am seriously like a baby. Today I’ve been out with my work friends, had 1 drink and some food and now I’m tired. Literally yawning twice a minute, my eyes are going. If I was given a blanket now I’d be gone. But it doesn’t help that it’s jumper session and I’m in the fluffiest jumper ever, so I’m cosy and full, so ready for a nap.

One of the reasons I didn’t enjoy working 9-5 was the fact I couldn’t have a nap. I enjoy having lunch and going to sleep, it’s a lovely think!

But I can’t just go to bed because I have an  interview at a pub in town. Not really what I want to go but I just need a new job. I don’t particularly want to do the last nights and weekends but I also no longer want to work the dreaded Sunday at the cafe so. Hopefully, if I get it – but I am experienced, it’ll be a job til I get one I actually want!

So I have a coffe and off I go, WISH ME LUCK!

Why is this normal?

Er I’ve been working 9-5 everyday. I had today off and it’s been amazing and all I have really done is eat and sleep!

like seriously what kind of life is it working 9-5 I really do not want it!

I really don’t mind the job at all. I’ve been doing it all summer and I’ve got quite into it but it’s to much customer service for my liking so it’s nothing I could consider as a career doing admissions. Also a lot of the team have gone on holiday so there’s a lot more work for me so I don’t tend to be bored like I have been doing.

Its just the hours. How do people with a 9-5, full time, permanent job have a live? Like seriously?! I get up at 7 travel to work spend 8 hours there, get home, eat and that’s I’m ready for bed! And then you just have to do it all over again?! That is not a life just waiting for the weekend to what, sleep?

When do you exercise, see friends, drink and still get enough sleep?! This should not be a normal thing!

I honestly think I could absolutely adore my job and not what to do this 9-5 shit every week. There has got to be a better way!



Just had three lovely days off, which is the longest amount of time I have had off in i don’t know how long. And now I am back here at this un-godly hour. 6 o’clock I have to wake up to get here for half 7, half bloody 7.

I feel like I need a summer break to get over my summer break.. how crazy is that. But I am literally on a count down now because this time next week I shall be the way to the airport, to be on my way to Barcelona!!!!! (i wish you could put gifs on here)

I am so unbelievable in love with Barcelona. I have only been once but just being there is amazing. Just the whole sense of being there is just amazing, when I was there I almost felt like a second home, which I know is weird but I just loved it so much.

I am not even like a city junkie. I’m a village girl, London freaks me out because just can’t get around. But I feel you don’t get that in Barcelona, I don’t know why but I didn’t feel like just a person in a massive crowd like I do when I’m in London.

I’m also will have four full days off in a row! AAAAHHHHHH!!! actually I will have 5 I think, maybe six if I’m back at the cafe that weekend. 6 whole days off!!!

That would be amazing.