Book review – This man

** – two stars – ok.

From the reviews from this book I thought it was going to be amazing, ‘book of the year’ so I was really excited to read it. But it was really just ok. Like it was readable ish, but if I hadn’t finished it I wouldn’t care.

The start was ok, and then she meets Jesse and omg then it just turns into the cheesiest story that I’ve ever read.

He was that handsome I couldn’t contain myself… you are a woman, pull yourself together! It’s just a man.

All he has to do is kiss and I’m his, I don’t bloody think so, grow up!

And the story just repeated itself so much. Meet, sex, fall out, kiss, sex, meet nex, fallout, kiss, sex over and over and over again. I needed excitement.

I don’t know if it’s because I am now used to reading thrillers now so that’s all about mistery and being gripped the entire time. But still I was reading it because I felt I had to finish it not because I was enjoying it.

And If had to read him say “I love you in lace” one more time I was going throw up on the book. It was just cheesy as hell.

The end was ok, I’m glad it wasn’t just ok and the twist what he does was very very good. But it has two more books and I am not going to bother.

So believe this review not the other, don’t really bother.



Book review – behind close doors

**** 4 stars! – Very Good!

It was so good to have a good book back in my hands, finally! I read this in less than 24 hours – that is how good it was.

It is a fantastic book til about half way through the book I was thinking omg what the hell is going on, then BAM, you get the absolute whole plot in one chapter and it just gets better and better.

You literally just cannot put it down, first you want to know why this marriage is the way it is? then it wow, then well how is it going to end.

I also really enjoyed how it was written, Many many books now have chapters written in different people perspective, which don’t get me wrong I do love, but this book does it by past and present which I really really enjoyed!

My only issue for why it isn’t 5 stars is because I know that it is a book so it isn’t really but the fact a woman would allow this to even happen just wouldn’t happen because the woman in the book is a strong woman.

And I found the ending slightly disappointing, only slightly, like it isn’t awful ending or anything like that just slightly. I think it could of ended better, it was kind of expected and because how good the rest of book was I expected more? but the final sentence is incredible.

Do read!