This is disgusting 😒 Hate this time of year:

When I woke up this morning at 7am it was dark outside. DARK!

We had reached that time of year… the dark season.

People rant and rave how this is their “favourite time of year!” Yayayayayay. No. How? How is this your favourite time of year?

Dark when you wake up, it’s dark by 3! 3 is when I normally start doing things in the day and now it’s going to be dark at that time! I must be the least productive time of the year, because when it’s dark you are meant to sleep!

Well then it’s also cold, all the time and it just gets colder and colder and colder!

There is nothing worse then, “oh I love it when it’s cold!” Excuse me what? Who enjoys being cold? Hands going white, your hair is even cold, can’t feel your feet, no layers can possible help!

All you can do this time of year is eat and I’m already fat! 😂

I hate this time of year! I agree with the animals that we should hibernate til it’s spring!!

Bring me the warm, light nights, sun on my skin! I’m ready for next summer now!


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