Like a baby

I am seriously like a baby. Today I’ve been out with my work friends, had 1 drink and some food and now I’m tired. Literally yawning twice a minute, my eyes are going. If I was given a blanket now I’d be gone. But it doesn’t help that it’s jumper session and I’m in the fluffiest jumper ever, so I’m cosy and full, so ready for a nap.

One of the reasons I didn’t enjoy working 9-5 was the fact I couldn’t have a nap. I enjoy having lunch and going to sleep, it’s a lovely think!

But I can’t just go to bed because I have an  interview at a pub in town. Not really what I want to go but I just need a new job. I don’t particularly want to do the last nights and weekends but I also no longer want to work the dreaded Sunday at the cafe so. Hopefully, if I get it – but I am experienced, it’ll be a job til I get one I actually want!

So I have a coffe and off I go, WISH ME LUCK!


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