Why I get paid to do nothing

Good question. But I think I know the answer.

My jobs where I do nothing are ones that I get from the university right. They hire a lot of students, always offering students jobs with really good pay as well can I add, and none are very demanding.

But thing, all these jobs are only advertised to students, only we can do them which is great.

But, where are they getting all this money to just waste on just paying students like me to sit at a desk and answer a phone, who can be funding this..

Me, I am funding this.

Really I am paying for my own time, just not yet.

They are using my student loan to pay me!

I may not be paying myself now but when I pay back my loan, I am paying back the money that the university paid me for my job?

mind blown right.

So really i think this is fantastic but really is it?


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