Going out out!

I am so excited! Tonight it’s the opening of club Soba derby and James has said that he wants to go so we are.

Its so much the fact that we are going out that excites me. It’s the fact that I am getting ready at home in my room and I have plenty of time to do it!

This means moisturiser, eyebrows, full face! Actually brushing my hair!

Yes I do not kind to brush my hair a lot but that is because I don’t need to. My hair after sleeping does not go frizzy, messy or anything and it gives me like a beach tassled look so I think why mess with it. And I have no proof but I feel that I am doing less damage to my hair by brushing it all the time like I used to, my hair feels thicker, it’s looking less damaged so I feel I’m onto something here, think do I need to brush it before brushing your hair ladies!

Anyway I get to style my hair, get dressed up, put glitter on, have a few drinks with myself, play the ‘getting ready playlist’ AAAAH I CANT WAIT!

And then there is actually going out, but yeah not as good 😂

review on club soba derby to come!!


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