Good tanning year

Today has been lonely. Iโ€™ve spent it with my boyfriend but weโ€™ve had no des today. And we had no idea what to do without him. Thursday have been revolves around des for nearly a year now!

So we went on a walk. I put a little cream on my face. But then realised it is boiling but it was to late thought I was going to be burnt to a crisp. We was out for an hour and a half. Came back saw it was 28 degrees! But I have not burnt!

Me I am so pale. I am one of this who go blue in the cold. Burn at the sight of sun but this year it seems to have changed.

This is the guide from being burnt to a survivor of the sun!

Well I try and always make sure that I do have cream on. Very important, even if itโ€™s only factor 20!

I believe the more you explosive yourself to the sun the more your skin gets used to it and burning because less likely

but do not spent to much time in the sun, let your body recover. As a pale person I know my skin and body can only take so much. Itโ€™s better to go out for an hour a day then 8 hours 1 day.


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