the end is coming..,

absolutely dying! like lord help me!

last night I must have slept three hours max! I have a cold sent straight from hell.

It started last Thursday with an absolutely awful headache that lasted two days.

Friday along with the headache came a sore that made me unable to swallow solid foods.

Saturday I pampered myself to make myself feel better.

Sunday, a long day at work of aching, headaches, sore throats and coughing.

Monday night about 2 hours sleep due to coughing, then working all day feeling like tired, aching, unable to stop coughing.

Tuesday, nose completely blocked, cannot barely breath

Wednesday, everything has mashed together to create the worlds worse cold and I am working all day, til 9, yes 8 and I have been here since half 7 this morning, oh yes. So someone please help me!

cold and flu tablets, nothing.

Blowing nose, making it worse.

teas, nothing.

water, nothing.

Sleep, cannot get any.

Someone please get on creating that bloody cure for the common friggin cold! so I can get on. please..



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