review time

The Girl Before – JP Delaney – two and a half stars.

It was ok. It was readable, But if I hadn’t been at work I could have easily put it down I think.

I did eventually get into the characters but towards the end I became uninterested with them.

The twists were good to start with but then it came that they were boring and not thoroughly thought through I felt. You kind of get lost because there is that many twists and lies. And it all points to one person til the very end. I like it when you can’t trust anyone at all and it could be anyone at all even the dog but this was very based on one, then bang it wasn’t them surprise surprise.

Very weirdly, it took me awhile to get into, then it was really good, then I just lost interested, wanted to know who it was and finish the thing.

I feel it doesn’t have anything on saving Sophie and girl on the train and I won’t be reaching for another JP Delaney book any time soon.



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