What a lovely day off!

Yes my second day off well happy. And it’s actually been like a day off today, yes my headache and sore throat has turned into a cold but it’s made me take it easy, which is just a must and have a compete me day and I have absolutely loved it.

Got up and had food and got a coffee on my tod, but it really didn’t bother me at all. I thought I’d be like self conscious that people would think I’m a weirdo that didn’t have any friends but actually then I’m remembered I’m me and don’t actually care so.

Then some retail therapy which is my favourite type of therapy!

Then has read my book, met my mum in town for food shopping. Got some proper mummy spoiling, buying all the stuff I want like teas and squash’s, sweets, biscuits stuff like that, that she wouldn’t get shopping.

Then I had a lovely nap, no alarm just nice, made myself – for myself no ones else some lovely food and went for an evening stroll.

I had a well deserved me day. I think I need this at least once a week but that’s a tase ambitious so once a fortnight is going to be the goal.

I need it, everyone does. And if you don’t you do really because it’s tome to just reflect, relax be selfish because you do need to be some time. Being selfish is ok, love yourself!


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