the best kind of sunday

yesterday was the best kind of weekend because I had to Sunday off! I know its because I have also had to work on weekends since I was like 16 that I hate it, but I really hate working Sundays, I absolutely detest it!ย Sundays are for lodging around, not waking up til noon, going food shopping with mum, going to the pub, having a nap, watching love island. Not going into work at 10, work in a hot and sweaty cafe, having people speak to you like rubbish by customers and managers, then going home miserable. Sunday is supposed to be a happy day, getting ready for the rest of the week not the most stressful day of the week.

But I just think that I obviously have to work weekends because I need money while I’m at uni and I don’t want to work in the week because I want to save that time for uni work. So, after this year I will no longer have to work on a Sunday because I shall have that as part of my conditions, no Sundays! Saturdays yes, yes I shall do weekend work, but no Sundays ever ever again!

So yesterday, I got up, got ready, met the boyf, watched the games – cracking game, had cocktails, got food, had a nap, then just chilled. How perfect does that Sunday sound?

But back to reality, half 6 straight to be back at the reception role, the working all week at different jobs, dogo Thursday, day off Saturday but then back to hell on Sunday. Oh please let something happen so I don’t have to go on Sunday!


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