starting again.

So today is the start of a new book and a new diet!

The book that I have started on today is “the girl before” by JP Delaney. Right well I got this book for an odd reason. I got this book because if you have seen the front of this book it is very similar to Paula Hawkins front covers, and the a name I believe is very similar to her titles, I didn’t properly look at the cover and just assumed, then when I told my friend I got another Paula Hawkins nook, because we both love them, she said is it the girl before, yeah I did the same thing, it isn’t hers. All I can say is they must have the same bloody publisher, who publishes every book the same! So yeah I was slightly disappointed but going to give it a try because it is supposed to be a good book.

I have started it and its ok, its different and strange and I like it. While I haven’t fully got into yet I do feel potential.

On other news I have started the low calorie diet because I feel quite organised at the moment so feel maybe I can keep track of my calories. I am be starving but at least they’ll be a list of my calorie intake.

Support needed please!


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