Best type of work

If anyone out there is at university, any university, sign up to the work list it will be the easiest money you will ever make I promise you!

over the summer I am getting paid 8.32 an hour, doing around 20 hours a week, to do not a lot, little admin jobs. I get 8 pound an hour at my reception role doing not a lot, my friend works in the library getting paid good money to do not a lot. The university throw money at students, they want to give you the money, they want to help, LET THEM!

I get send about 20-30 emails a week for jobs that any student can do, if its a week, a month, summer, 6 months whatever. And none of them are hard. and it also gives you a great experience to gain lots of experience to put on your CV for when you leave.

I don’t understand some students, I have worked since I was 16 I’ve also had a job since and I’ve also wanted to have a job. its independence and gaining new skills, meeting new people. It may have took me 6 years but I have found jobs I love!

So do it!


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