This is the life

The Mediterranean’s, well Spanish really have got it right. Having a mostly carb and meat diet, lapping up the sun, having naps, and partying all night. What more could you possible want?

the food here is just absolutely incredible, like whoever came up with tapa is my absolute hero! It’s just like the master snack meal, I could eat it all day everyday, I love a snack!

Then there’s the sun which obviously I adore, who doesn’t live chilling out in the sun with a good book. But just waking up in the morning and the sun is shining it just puts me in a better mood, then at home when I wake up and it’s just abit sad outside, I don’t want that. I just think people who live in sunny places must be happier but because it’s bright.

And they all drink like all the time. They all stay out on any night of the week drinking beer or whatever, talking to everyone, getting merry it’s lovely. How they get up in the morning I do not know but it’s still great!

And the ultimate incredible thing is the siesta! I hope that’s how  you spell it. Sleeping got a couple of hours in the middle of the day without being judged. Oh my not that is just my idea of the best culture ever.

sign me up!


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