Last night was an odd but unfortunately very common occurrence.

from a young age I have always had a fear of sleeping alone because of a fear of something happening to me when I am most vunerable. This has lead me to be a very restless sleeper and gives me very odd dreams.

This can often lead to issues with partners because when I am unable restless sleep I am very loud and it gives me issues because when I wake up from them as I am more paranoid than ever.

last night it was bad. My boyfriend knows I am a restless sleeper obviously but never had to deal with extreme cases. Being in a different country does lead me to be paranoid at night.

last night I was having horrible dreams of someone watching me and trying to get to me and then all of a sudden someone on top of me in bed screaming at me trying to kill me. I woke up and screamed! On top of me was my boyfriend trying to wake me because I was almost crying in my sleep, shouting, screaming and moving around. I scared him because of my restlessness and I feel like he is now thinking about me differently and not in a good way.

I do not know what to do because it is something that I have always had and had to deal with but never actually dealt with probably.

is there anything that can be done? Itโ€™s a psychological issue after all



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