Is it odd?

I’ve had an absolutely lovely and exhausting day.

First we went for breakfast on the breakfast, then to see flamingoes! – yes you read right I loved it!!, then for Spanish food thenfor a walk round the old town and castle aw it was lovely!

So, yes I’m writing later because it’s busy, but when I’m at home something will pop in my bed and I’m like I’ll blog or I’ll ask or I’ll just generally bring it up but here I cannot do that because my boyfriend doesn’t know I wrote this blog, is that weird?

i don’t know why I don’t want to tell him I just really really don’t. I don’t know I feel weird writing all my feeling and opinions into a blog. It’s seems ok to me voicing it to people I don’t know and probably won’t meet but he’d probably want to read it and judge me and that I don’t like.

Is anyone a secret blogger or can someone tell me how to get over myself and just tell him?

Answers please xoxoxo


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