What a hard day!

I’ve done it, I’ve cleaned the whole house so it looks spotless for my parents coming home tomorrow.ย I have wiped, swept, vacuumed, polished everything!

I have also got my mum some French fancies, the best mr kiplings cakes!, fo them when they get back and some flowers on the table, am I not just the best daughter.

I have left a note for my brother that it better still be tidied when they get back tomorrow and I have messaged my mum like it was tidy if its not tomorrow.

now to chill with a cuppa and a French fancy before I have to get ready to go out. Oh can’t wait for a proper meal and cocktails.

however, while the low carb diet was very restricting and didn’t really seem to do anything for me, so I shall be looking for a new diet when I get back, after pigging out a bit.

I did find one really good recipe that I am still going to use after this diet. Ok please keep an open mind… cauliflower pizza.

It sounds grim but it honestly doesn’t even taste like cauliflower and is better for you, and very little effort needed. So I would recommend you try it.

But please follow me on insta to see my beautiful meal tonight and cocktails!! xoxox



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