It’s been to long now.

I have had issues with my stomach  three months now and I do not know what to do?

I went to Athens with uni for an exchange and came back very ill. I was being sick for 2/3 weeks after. While I can no keep food down, my stomach was bloated 24/7, I had serve stomach pains and was still occasionally sick.

They started to settle down and just come back every now and then but still I don’t think this is normal? Do anyone else agree?

Right now I’ve had to come home sick from work which I’ve never done because I have bad stomach pains, a splitting headache, I feel so weak I can barely keep myself up and I am bloated.

I have been to the doctors, had scans and blood tests and the best they can come up with is Ibs which I just don’t think it is, I could be wrong but it just don’t think so. Because it’s not certain foods that set it off it could be anything at all, like yesterday I barely ate anything and today I’ve had yogurt which is all I basically had yesterday and I feel awful, but this had never affected me before?

I would really love it if anyone had any sort of advice, anything at all would be super useful because I just feel trapped at the moment with no way out.


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