Bad bad day and it’s only nearly 3

You know when you just wished you’d stayed in bed.

Today I am just in the worlds foulest mood. Maybe it’s because love island isn’t on tonight..  All I know is this coffee in my hand is the only think keeping me from going insane.
First me and the boyfriend went for an early morning gym sesh. And he was saying he doesn’t buy he’s sister anything for Christmas or birthdays. I just thing that is insane. I wouldn’t imagine not buying my siblings anything? And I have 3!
I don’t know if it’s just me though because my siblings mean a lot to me. But think about it they should. These are the people most like you, the literally have your DNA, there close to you then you parents, they gave you half, siblings are you but just different. And yeah you can fight but they have to love you deep down, and they will no matter what always be your sibling.
My sister is literally one of my best friends, my older brother would defend me to his dying breath and my little brother I know would come to me for anything and we used to be really close, we’re not as much but I do love him, I love them all. I feel so sorry for those without a brother or sister what do you do?
Is it me? Do I think to highly of my siblings? Or am I normal?
Anyway went off topic. He then went marry because I said he was babied growing up, this then ruined the gym sesh, and we got kicked out the boxing room early due to a class.
Then someone was meant to be buying my laptop. Said they was meeting me at 2 and never showed. And I wanted to go home at 12 so I was really annoyed, she is no longer having it.
I couldn’t buy my hair dye because I didn’t have time after waiting for her, and now I’m stuck in traffic!
Just hate life right now! This is why I hate when my plans don’t get to be followed. I should be home right now chilling but I’m not I’m in traffic…
Thank lord for coffee and love island ❤️

3 thoughts on “Bad bad day and it’s only nearly 3

  1. Just a word of encouragement from the other side of the pond, and perhaps almost three generations distant (I have a grandson your age).

    You are doing the work of journaling! There is no better program on the planet that will change you for the better. I have had thousands of students and no lesson plan has been as impactful as steady journaling. I understand that we would like our words to be super meaningful, generating peace and good will, solving poverty, curing the common cold. Perhaps someday they will.

    But just expressing simple angst, and traffic frustrations are also important and restorative!

    Steady on, and let the words flow. I will enjoy stopping by periodically, to see how you are doing. Gosh, that sounds creepy, but I mean it in the best possible way.


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