What a lovely night

I almost feel mean saying it but I don’t care that much. I have had such a lovely night in to myself.

My boyfriends at work, my brother has just stayed in his room so I’ve had loads of me me me time!

I went for a long walk, cooked myself dinner – no one else just me! Left the pots for the morning, sat and watched a film, done some admin for myself – emails, cvs, diary updates etc. Done some exercises, now I’m going for a soak before the boyfriend returns.

I just love it you know? Time to myself, just me to think about, care about. Such freedom to do whatever I want, no one to judge. Sometimes I think why don’t I just move away and be by myself.

I mean I wouldn’t survive I love a bitch and a gossip. But also I don’t like staying in by myself, I have to have someone else in the house or I get scared…

but you know if I could get over that, I’d just get magazines for gossip or just Facebook chat. I could totally get used to it!


2 thoughts on “What a lovely night

  1. I am so glad you are having some time for your own self…..happy for you….as you have mentioned in the earlier blog that you were stressed out about your little brother ☺️Me time is kind off a detox to our body and soul and we should of course spend some time for ourselves daily!!!!!😊💕


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