Sibling rant alert?!?!!!!


is anyone else brother so unbelievably lazy? Because if not please let me trade. My brother is 22 years old and it is partly my mother’s fault for waiting on him but omg he is useless!

My mum and dad have gone away for the week, they have been gone two days and I’m ready to throw him out on the streets, seriously.

Yesterday. I wasn’t in all day I was training. Got back to a load of pots in the sick, mess on the table, usual stuff. The first day so I just sorted it.

Then I went to lock the door last night to find that my brother, who came in at 6 had just left he’s keep in the lock on the outside. Idiot!

then I came back from training today. Thursday is my brothers day off and oh my god. I got home and there’s is just rubbish everywhere. Loads of pots but not even in the sink, the garden has rubbish all over it, the front room is just covered in pots and rubbish and food. I was just done.


then he goes to wash the pots with cold water…

please help?

sisters? Are all brothers like this?

Men? Are you are like this?



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