New Day new jobs

I am the person always searching for a new job, new opportunities, new skills, new experience, basically something new that I can put on my Cv. One reason is that I do want a wide range of different skills so as I get older I will be able to just apply for a job when I graduate and hopefully with the mass amount of stuff that I have done I will be able to just get. But also the fact that I do get bored within a job. I feel that once I’ve mastered it that’s fine if it all I can get out of it and I move on… which I do not believe is the best attitude but it has given me all the experience that I have. And moving around does give me more confidence.

However. This theory hasn’t compete worked because I’ve been  looking for a placement for my course and well I haven’t got one which is very disappointing. So if anyone out there wants a second year business management student for a year work then hit me up!

Anyway, today I started training for me new university clearing job that I will be doing for the summer. Woo! Wish me luck!


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