Who’s else loves it?

It’s time it’s back. It’s time for love island to take out my life. Yes I am your typical basic bitch that loves a bit of love island. But if you don’t I’m afraid you either haven’t actually watched it or just wrong in afaid…

I’m sorry but there is a joy out of people being snakey and being in love one minute and out of it the next, as soon as tall dark and handsome walks in, which as other lovers of the wonderful show will know happened last night. Cough cough Laura cough cough bitch cough cough wanna be Olivia never going to be, sorry not sorry.

I know, how does a book nerd like me love this. Because I am a girly bitch that also that has an inner nerd and I am not ashamed 🙋🏼‍♀️

So I out and proud babes! And needing to get dinner in to get ready to see Alex ruin jacks coupling! Oh yeah I know that’s where he is going 😉

i’m Sorry swear I will talk about other things 🙈


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