oh the little things

tonight and tomorrow morning is one of the finest little things in life.. I get a lie in. A week of getting up at half 7, which turned to 9, which turned to half 9, will tomorrow be no alarm at all, complete and utter freedom to wake up at any hour that I want, to stay in bed for however long I want to, and stay up tonight for however long I want to. Such freedom, such happiness that you can only get from the thought of, ‘I can have a lie in, in the morning!’.

I also finished my book this afternoon when I got back from hell, sorry work. It was amazing, I literally couldn’t but the thing own. It was so like all other thrillers but not at the same time. It’s rather short, and you also do get the identity of the killer rather early I thought, and the end I’m unsure if I love it for being different or hate it. But I absolutely adore the book because it really made me think, and I was thinking about it all the time, to the point were I had to pick the book up again to find out if I was right (I was right, just saying). So to conclude, “Saving Sophie” another absolutley must must read from Rach!

Also, did finished watching the very english sandal on BBC tonight. Absolutely deviated that I missed last weeks because I stayed at the boyfriends, but also slightly glad because, if you haven’t seen it (Spoiler alert) the dog gets shot, so glad I didn’t have to go through that. But oh I really did enjoy it, I was saying because I’m 22 so rather young, I can’t believe in a time were you couldn’t be gay, it seems crazy. So, I love watching dramas like these and call the midwife – I LOVE CALL THE MIDWIFE – to see what it was like, what was, like being gay, against the law, and what was totally fine, like smoking everywhere, its amazes me. Is this just me or is for people like me, millennials or whatever, that they do it?! or is it just me….


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