thankful it’s done!

Well “cartes postales from Greece” is finished and apart from a few short stories that I did enjoy, my opinion on the book did not change. I found it interesting at the start but short stories just aren’t for me. The man in the book was seemed old and pathetic. Also, the ending was very disappointing, saw it coming from about 100 pages in.

However, the short stories that I did enjoy were good;

Holy water, Honeymoon, Lonely wife and The boy in the silvery suit.ย 

Apart from that this book isn’t worth reading, for me.

I feel like I am disappointed because I bet I could of got through at least two really good books, but found it hard getting through this one because I didn’t enjoy it. However, I also feel that if I had gone through it in my own pace and not because I am here all week, it would of taken me forever to finish, because I can never just stop reading a book, so at least I just got it over with.

And onto the next it is!

I only brought this the other day with a free voucher but it was the only one I had at my boyfriends so it had to come with me. Normally I don’y like reading a new book on the same day I finish one, because I like to think about it, let the book sink in, but this book hasn’t affected me at all so I feel that after lunch I can start.

Anyway it is, “Saving Sophie” by Sam Carrington. Its about a teenage girl that goes missing. It says that if you enjoyed “Girl on the train” the you’ll love this, so I hope it’s write because I need to go back into a good book.

I have always been interested in the romance sort of books, the fifty shades, bared to you, even twilight. I even do love some sci-fi, like hunger games etc. But I’ve never really enjoyed horror films, so didn’t bother with the types of books, and being quite girly like the thought of reading about romance. However, I feel my type of changed so much. I love a good thriller now days, girl on the train, into the water, molly games (AMAZING BOOK). I also have brought loads more to read gone girl, daisy chain, snowman loads!

I think it may be because I’m in a happy relationship. I no longer need to fantasise about a perfect relationship when I’m in one? So getting a thrill is now what I enjoy instead. Maybe when I’m really really comfortable I’ll go back to wanting that but right now I’m good with a good thriller thank you!

Wish me look on my next book!



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