Well that was different!

Back to the office (reception) this morning, and I’ve actually been steadily doing things this morning. Barely had the chance to read my book – not that it has got any better to be honest.

Sounds mad because when my mum rang to see if I was bored and I said I’ve been fairly busy, and she said with what, I said I’ve been finding keys, signing people in, opening doors, ringing people, finding stuff etc. It sounds like that isn’t hard. It isn’t hard but it has been keeping me busy which I do enjoy. Not that I do not enjoy doing nothing and reading because I definitely do!

This is a very weird Thursday for me though because normally I would be looking after my brother little (big – very big) pup Desmond. He is a red setter, 10 months old and gorgeous!! I absolutely adore this dog. He is so cute, fluffy, hair, mental, lively, fun, clumsy, insane and just the best dog.

I absolutely love my Thursday with des, but don’t get me wrong it is not a day off, today being at work is a day off. He is non-stop. Running around, wanting to be chased, walks, he steals everything! and I mean everything! cushions, remotes, socks, shoes, food, pens, everything!

But he my best buddy and I do miss him today, but next week my parents are away so I have him nearly every day! what a joy!



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