Grown up working week!

Feel like such a grown up this week, even though I am 22 and probably should be a grown up now but whatever. At my university I have a temporary job as a receptionist, I say receptionist – I sit hear and let people through the barrier (worlds easiest job).

But I have to be hear at 7.30am!!! which to me is just insulting, wear smart clothes, drink coffee and answer the phone in an fancy manner, so I feel like a little girl playing receptionist all over again, and I love it. It is so lovely here to, I get free coffee, everyone here is so lovely. They greet you with a smile and everyone says hello, I feel like a child that their lookingย  after for the week they are being that nice to me, bringing me coffee, asking about my life, its just so sweet.

It can get slightly boring through but I am aloud to entertain myself so I bring a book. Yesterday I finished “Small great things”,ย and today I’m moving onto Victoria Hislop’s “Cartes Postales from Crete”.ย 

Last week I went to create with my boyfriend, I told my sister where we were going and that when I was looking for things to do there was an island called Spinalonga or ‘the island of tears’ that looked interesting. She told me about a book by Victoria Hislop that I had to read if I went called “the island” and I absolutely loved it!

I know what you’re thinking, Rachel you love every book.., and I kind of do. But this one is incredible and if you do go to Crete I highly recommending reading this book first then going to the island.

It’s such a powerful story and so well written, personally I was disappointed with the ending but the rest is incredible!

I won’t spoil it, but read it and go to Crete!


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