Best book I’ve read.

I’m jumping straight into this because this why I wanted to start blogging again. I read so many books and want to talk about them but never really get the chance.

I have just read Jodi Picoults’ novel, “Small great things”.ย 

I could not, not express how much I enjoyed this book. It has made me rethink everything that I think, that I believe, that I do. The different outlooks that this author shows. They can make you hate and feel so incredible sorry for same person.

Also it shows that why you may not mean to be bias, you always will be, you cannot help it, it is coded within us to do so. Why it may not be fair, it isn’t something to be ashamed of, and it is something that we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about.

And that equality, not just in race, may never actually be achievable. Which while that may be scary, I almost feel acceptance for this and that I will fight and not be afraid to explain why I am discriminated for, I am a woman, I am blonde but it will not stop me doing what I want to do, and if someone has a problem, I am not afraid to express that I think they have one.

If more people reacted the way Kennedy acted in this book at the end of this case, I believe the world may just be a better place.

This was more of a rant then I wanted it to be, I do apologise but I just have to say read this book and I am 90% you will be as passionate as me.


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