Name change!

As you may have noticed I have changed my name to Listen2rayray. There is a reasoning and it isn’t just because I am always right, but that is what it is based on.

I have been having a nightmare drama with the boyf over his parents which just absolutely drive me insane!!!

They are moving house, well they are supposed to be moving house. They told him that they were 100% going to be moved in by the start of July so when he comes back over summer that he’ll be going there so to transfer to a Tesco near there. This is like a round the corner move no, its moving from Donny to Lincoln so you know big deal.

This was like near the end of June, and said I would transfer to one near your house because that just seems to soon to be to be moving, especially if its not 100% even happening yet. But he’s parents said no, they were going to sign the papers that week and they were moving in straight away 100%%%%%

So, he thinks hes organised this transfer to Lincoln only to find out that they aren’t moving in yet, they haven’t even signed the contact, I know.

Then he finds out that the transfer didn’t actually go through because of his manager or something so I guess its all fine. So he said he’s going to transfer to the near his house. However, he’s parents keep telling him to hold of because they might be in the new house next week, they have been saying it for 4 weeks now. So he’s been holding off and today I just snapped, me going on my last holiday depends on him having enough money and I am not going to let his parents get in the way of that.

I told him today to just ring the Tesco and ask for a place, he said but my parents said to wait, I DO NOT CARE!!!! it may have been harsh but I said, sorry but their wrong you are not going to be in that house next week, no contact has even been signed, you will not be in that house til September so just ask! ignore your parents!

He did it, they said they have places they just need the confirmation from his store!

and I replied, see you should always listen2rayray…


Nap time!

Just finishing my shoft again, but to be fair I didn’t start til 5 😂. But tomorrow’s in 7.30-5 which means I have to get the half 6 bus to town, so fantastic.

I am so exhausted. I got woken up at by my brother at one but did go back to sleep til 10, then went my Thursday outings, came back at to sat on my bed and just fell asleep for half an hour.

I need a nap to function, like waking up at 9/10 then not being able to sleep again til like 10/11 at night which I cannot anyway I always sleep about 12 just isn’t possible for me, I need extra sleep.

I honestly think we need to adapt to the Spanish lifestyle of a nap in the middle of the day. 2-4 everything shuts and everyone sleeps, or rests.

It is just needed, well it is for me anyway. I’m a lot happier if I’ve napped, I function more, I’m a more pleasant person to be around I believe.

Maybe if everyone had to name horrible people wouldn’t exist anymore! Maybe all nasty people are just tired!


Back to the grind.

I have just had an absolutely lovely weekend away and off with the boyf and now i’m back to work til half 9 tonight, why do I do this to myself?

Why is it that as a student, the reward that you get from doing all your uni work, going through all the stress, sleepless nights, crying, staying in the library wondering why you did this to yourself because actually university was a choice!! We go through all that to be treated with a summer  full of working!

That is what you have to do. I earn next to nothing when I am at uni, just enough to pay my phone and to get my nails done, and pay for a gym I do not use. So when it comes to summer and I have no student loan, and lots of free time, you have to work. It’s just social norm.

If you are one of them students that do not get a job over the summer, then you are a bum, no doubt.

But it is insane. I have signed up to spend my BREAK, working none stop. I came back from London Monday night at quart to midnight, then went to work at 9 til 5 next day, I’m here til half 9 tonight, working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! like what the hell.

but the thing it, technically it is a choice. I chose to take a summer job, but if I didn’t I’d be poor and judged, I choose to pick up this crazy hours, because when it comes to someone asking me a question at work apparently I cannot say no!

Why am I like this?!

This I am afraid is not the student life I signed up for. Why could I not have gone into love island and made charlie for in love with me so I could get in on some of that 400 million action.


Finding inspiration

I always get to a point when I just cannot be bothered and I’ve reached it again.

I can notice my room is a tip and I need to clean it, but I don’t

I can notice that I’m putting in weight but keep eating crap

I can notice I hate my job but I’m doing nothing

I can notice that I need to tell my boyfriend the issues I’m having but I’m just pretending I don’t care

I always get round to you know fixing myself but right now I’m thinking I don’t know what will do it. But I think I know if I do one that I will do it all

so let’s do it in stages. Stages is always better

Fridays and Saturday – room

before September – job

and the last I just hope that I can do it the next time we have an arguement. Which is often lately… wish me luck!

Why I get paid to do nothing

Good question. But I think I know the answer.

My jobs where I do nothing are ones that I get from the university right. They hire a lot of students, always offering students jobs with really good pay as well can I add, and none are very demanding.

But thing, all these jobs are only advertised to students, only we can do them which is great.

But, where are they getting all this money to just waste on just paying students like me to sit at a desk and answer a phone, who can be funding this..

Me, I am funding this.

Really I am paying for my own time, just not yet.

They are using my student loan to pay me!

I may not be paying myself now but when I pay back my loan, I am paying back the money that the university paid me for my job?

mind blown right.

So really i think this is fantastic but really is it?

How to stay dry in sweaty work environment

as I have moaned about on serval occasions, my Sunday cafe job, today was the dreaded day!

I hate it in there because I work in a kitchen, and it is already so hot in there because obviously it’s a kitchen, but also it’s a garden centre, so it’s like a green house, green house effect it’s boiling. So that plus a kitchen plus it’s being hot anyway, it literally is hell there when it’s hot, never mind the actually job.

But having worked there two years nearly I have discovered so tips to stay cool. Your boss may hate it, but you need to stay cool is my excuse 😉

1- dress cool. Nothing that’s sticks, I don’t wear leggings, trousers, tight skirts no no no. I wear them baggy black jogging bottom type bottoms. They remind me a bit of Aladdin trousers. With a vest to get all the air round. But never ever ever, wear jeans! Ever! You will literally be baking yourself.

2- nothing on the head. I am supposed to wear a hat but in the weather it is just impossible. So I put my hair in two braids so I say that it is “suitable tied back” no arguements.

3- water water water. I have invested in one of the flasks that you can put hot or cold water in. They can be pricey but they are worth it promise. Keeps your water ice cold. And continue to drink it. I must have drank 3 litres at work today, but I have gone days were I haven’t and I’ve gone home with a massive headache so do it!

4- keep going outside. You need the fresh air, just breathing hot air is not only bad for you but gross.

5- cold water. Keep putting your hand in cold water, it makes you feel cool everywhere I promise

6- do not exhaust yourself. Running round like a mad man isn’t going to help you at all. Take it steady, if they moan, say do you want me to faint? Hopefully the answer is no.

Stay cool guys 😘


Going out out!

I am so excited! Tonight it’s the opening of club Soba derby and James has said that he wants to go so we are.

Its so much the fact that we are going out that excites me. It’s the fact that I am getting ready at home in my room and I have plenty of time to do it!

This means moisturiser, eyebrows, full face! Actually brushing my hair!

Yes I do not kind to brush my hair a lot but that is because I don’t need to. My hair after sleeping does not go frizzy, messy or anything and it gives me like a beach tassled look so I think why mess with it. And I have no proof but I feel that I am doing less damage to my hair by brushing it all the time like I used to, my hair feels thicker, it’s looking less damaged so I feel I’m onto something here, think do I need to brush it before brushing your hair ladies!

Anyway I get to style my hair, get dressed up, put glitter on, have a few drinks with myself, play the ‘getting ready playlist’ AAAAH I CANT WAIT!

And then there is actually going out, but yeah not as good 😂

review on club soba derby to come!!