Review time

Fault in our stars – overrated.

don’t get me wrong it does a range of emotions very well, and deals with issues very well but the actually story I get was very poor.

its that they met, and fell in love instantly because she looked like his ex that died but that you then find out he wasn’t that bothered about towards the end he just couldn’t dump a dying girl. Then they obsess over a book and go to Amsterdam, one dyes the end.

Spoiler soz.

I just think it’s sometiing that I could of read in my year 10 creative writing class, that some girl came up with over the weekend.

it was very average.

Next book please!!

Best type of work

If anyone out there is at university, any university, sign up to the work list it will be the easiest money you will ever make I promise you!

over the summer I am getting paid 8.32 an hour, doing around 20 hours a week, to do not a lot, little admin jobs. I get 8 pound an hour at my reception role doing not a lot, my friend works in the library getting paid good money to do not a lot. The university throw money at students, they want to give you the money, they want to help, LET THEM!

I get send about 20-30 emails a week for jobs that any student can do, if its a week, a month, summer, 6 months whatever. And none of them are hard. and it also gives you a great experience to gain lots of experience to put on your CV for when you leave.

I don’t understand some students, I have worked since I was 16 I’ve also had a job since and I’ve also wanted to have a job. its independence and gaining new skills, meeting new people. It may have took me 6 years but I have found jobs I love!

So do it!


Came home from a late shift at my new shift to this!!!


Isn’t my boyfriend just the sweetest thing ever. I mean flowers aren’t my favourite thing. Ex boyfriend ruined them for me, they mean heartbreak was about to be revealed or I had already revealed something. But processco now that is the way to my heart 😉

what a lovely night, bubbles, pizza and love island with my incredible boyf! 😇

First day as an admin!

I am officially part of the administration department at the university of derby (TEMP) —- til September.  But still!

I had my first day today and I just love having a job at the university. Everyone is so lovely to you, they make sure you know exactly what your doing, right near you for help and the biggest thing for me is that I’m not afraid to ask for help or say if I feel I’ve done something wrong because I know I’m not going to be shouted out judged there just like it’s fine it’s fine!! It’s just so welcoming and warm feeling, of that even makes sense…

also they have cake there, and I mean so much!!!!

there was;

a homemade cake

5 like Tesco brought cakes

3 packets of mr kiplings

and some gorgeous caramel cookies!

You know how to grap my attention 😏🤤😉

Honey I’m home!

Back to England!

I do love being on holiday but I am glad to be home. I have lots of work at the uni but I am still happy.

I’m happy seeing my parents. I haven’t seen them two weeks so it’s nice to have a gossip!

But now I have decided to leave it til the end of the week carry on pigging out then go on a new diet.

Can anyone give me any suggestions?

The carb one just didn’t do anything for me personally. And I am thinking about calorie counting but I feel like it is just a lot of work so I would like some advise?

This is the life

The Mediterranean’s, well Spanish really have got it right. Having a mostly carb and meat diet, lapping up the sun, having naps, and partying all night. What more could you possible want?

the food here is just absolutely incredible, like whoever came up with tapa is my absolute hero! It’s just like the master snack meal, I could eat it all day everyday, I love a snack!

Then there’s the sun which obviously I adore, who doesn’t live chilling out in the sun with a good book. But just waking up in the morning and the sun is shining it just puts me in a better mood, then at home when I wake up and it’s just abit sad outside, I don’t want that. I just think people who live in sunny places must be happier but because it’s bright.

And they all drink like all the time. They all stay out on any night of the week drinking beer or whatever, talking to everyone, getting merry it’s lovely. How they get up in the morning I do not know but it’s still great!

And the ultimate incredible thing is the siesta! I hope that’s how  you spell it. Sleeping got a couple of hours in the middle of the day without being judged. Oh my not that is just my idea of the best culture ever.

sign me up!


Last night was an odd but unfortunately very common occurrence.

from a young age I have always had a fear of sleeping alone because of a fear of something happening to me when I am most vunerable. This has lead me to be a very restless sleeper and gives me very odd dreams.

This can often lead to issues with partners because when I am unable restless sleep I am very loud and it gives me issues because when I wake up from them as I am more paranoid than ever.

last night it was bad. My boyfriend knows I am a restless sleeper obviously but never had to deal with extreme cases. Being in a different country does lead me to be paranoid at night.

last night I was having horrible dreams of someone watching me and trying to get to me and then all of a sudden someone on top of me in bed screaming at me trying to kill me. I woke up and screamed! On top of me was my boyfriend trying to wake me because I was almost crying in my sleep, shouting, screaming and moving around. I scared him because of my restlessness and I feel like he is now thinking about me differently and not in a good way.

I do not know what to do because it is something that I have always had and had to deal with but never actually dealt with probably.

is there anything that can be done? It’s a psychological issue after all